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Some feedback we have received from schools and organisations about our presentations...

“TRAG has presented a number of times at Woodleigh and on every occasion your powerful personal message has resonated with both our students and staff – this was confirmed again this year with the extensive follow up discussion with the students. It is by far the most effective school based presentation that I have been involved in and I offer my congratulations and thanks to you and all of your colleagues for the very professional manner in which they discuss such difficult issues… Please pass on to all in TRAG our appreciation for the time they devote, and the very real personal cost involved in giving their stories. I am sure you are helping to make a difference.”

— Laurent Julicher – Director of Senior Homestead, Woodleigh School – Baxter

“I have seen the program in action and my teenage daughter has experienced it. Because of its relevance and local context it is an extremely hard hitting but practical program that local teenagers do really take notice and apply the lessons learnt. The recent reduction in local teenage road casualties is due in no small measure to this program.”

— Martin Dixon MP, Victorian State Member for Nepean, Shadow Minister for Education

I would like to thank you for organizing members of the TRAG team to come to Big Camp 2007 and to thank Mal, Mick, Tim, Gillian and Michael for their inspiring presentation… The TRAG participation was very much appreciated and themessage to the 100 Groupers hit home”

— Derek Skues, President – Camp Chief, Lord Somers Camp and Power House

“There is no denying that road safety is a major issue in today’s society. The brave people of TRAG deserve to be applauded for their efforts in broadcasting a message of safety and reason in a way that will hopefully stay in the minds of those who have heard it.”

— Lord Sommers Boys Camp “Summers Times” Newspaper

“During the summer holidays (2002) I participated in the Lady Somers Camp during which I was a member of the audience during a TRAG presentation. I was moved to an extent that I can not describe in words- I have taken on board the advice you gave to me and it has made me more aware of the risks I have taken in the past…”

— Fiona Shaddick, Former Student, Mentone Girls Grammar School

“We are writing to express our appreciation for your informative and thought provoking presentation. We thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and taking the time to come and visit our school. We have spoken to all the pupils that attended the TRAG talk, and all of them were happy they took the time to attend the presentation.”

— Brook Harvey, Kara Webber and Principal Geoff Pledge – Kooweerup Secondary College

“It kinda scared me and now I’m going to try and drive more seriously and think about decisions”

—Year 11 Student, Kooweerup Secondary College (L Plates)

“Less than a year ago my friend was killed in a car accident. He was only 18 and it really hit home… it has given me a lot to think about every time I get into a car, whether it’s me driving or someone else”

— Year 11 Student, Kooweerup (L Plates)

“It could be me next, or some one close to me”

— Year 12 Student, Kooweerup (L Plates)

David Morris Testimonial

Comments and feedback we have received from students and teachers...

“You're doing a fabulous job and must be able to continue with this vital comunity service.”

“Very powerful. Opened up people's eyes. Students have said that the presentation made them more aware of the dangers associated with driving cars & also being a passenger in a car being driven by a young person.”

“It was one of the most valuable sessions that we have had in years, and certainly the best presentation we have ever had on road trauma.”

“Local scenarios & presenters who actually had first hand experiences with road trauma, and their courage to tell their story made it all meaningful.”

“The personal experiences & recollections made it real and powerful.”

“Focused on things that we could relate to.”

“It makes the audience really take notice and think about their actions, and how road tragedy can effect families forever.”

“It should be shown statewide to help prevent further waste of life.”

“A strong presentation that had everyone listening and had their full attention.”

“We need to avoid taking unnecessary risks. ”

“The program aims to raise the awareness of driver & passenger responsibilities.”

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