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Individual Presentations

Tim Nolan

Tim Nolan has been an Ambulance Paramedic with the Metropolitan Ambulance Service, Melbourne for over 15 years. His story comes from very real experience.

Kelly House

Kelly's 17 year old sister Stacey died as a passenger in a car which struck a tree.

Terry House

Terry's young 17yr old daughter Stacey was killed when the car in which she was a passenger crashed into a tree.

Michael Perkins

18 yo Apprentice Motor Mechanic Mick was out with his 2 mates just driving around one night. Mick fell asleep in the front seat of the car, trusting that his mate would keep him safe; The driver was distracted by the backseat passenger and they crashed into the back of a parked truck. Mick has lifelong injuries and pain and suffering.

Craig Solly

Craig is an Ex Fire Brigade Captain and speaks of his experiences rescuing trapped people from tangled and twisted wrecks.

Sergeant Mick Romeril

Mick is a Victorian Police Officer stationed at Dromana in Victoria.

Senior Constable Grant Watkins

Grant is a Victorian Police Officer stationed at Rosebud in Victoria.

Skye Noble

Skye's brother Tim was tragically killed in a car crash.

Donna Groves

Donna's son Tim was knocked down and killed whilst walking home from a party.

Richard Jones

Richard survived a car crash in which 3 of his friends died.

Rachel Roberts

Rachel was critically injured whilst a passenger in a car which struck a tree.

Marion Wald

Marion's son was killed by an inattentive driver as he was riding to work on his push bike.

Michael King

Michael was critically injured in a car crash in 1986, his brother and a friend died in the same crash.

Sam Howe

After a night out at a Frankston pub, Sam Howe hitched a ride home. What Happened next you would not believe. Ten minutes later, Sam's life changed forever.

Rowanne Wakefield–Payne

As a long time serving member of Dromana Fire Brigade (CFA–RAR) Rowanne attends Road Crashes as a Rescue Operator and has attended many horrible incidences on the Mornington Peninsula.

The "worst" was attending a crash that her best friend's teenage son was killed in on the freeway late at night.


Ian was driving his car when he knew he should not have been. "Saying Sorry" will never be enough.

Drive 4 Life

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